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How would you summarize your mission to the public?

I’m deeply committed to making sure that each and every single one of my clients knows that I care about them and their legal issues. I will actively listen with the 2 ears that God gave me, and do everything in my professional power to provide the highest quality of cost effective, compassionate legal services I can.

What is Bankruptcy in general?

The short answer is that, Bankruptcy is a set of laws that provides financial relief to the honest but unfortunate person or family. In other words, if an honest person or family has fallen upon financial hardship and cannot repay their debts, Bankruptcy provides a chance to get a FRESH START by eliminating or reorganizing most debts.

Are there different types of bankruptcy filings? 

Yes, under Title 11 of the United States Code, there are different Chapters, such as 7, 13, and 11. Chapters 7 & 13 are generally designed for consumers, while Chapter 11 is usually designed for businesses. Which Chapter is right for you? Give me call for free and let’s figure that out.

Is Bankruptcy shameful or immoral?

Is it shameful or immoral to get out of the water when you’re drowning? I think that folks who actually believe that perhaps need to work on increasing their empathy for their neighbors. That might be possible if people knew WHY most people choose bankruptcy. I believe in Redemption. I believe in 2nd chances.

Why do people file for bankruptcy?

Here are a few reasons:
Father of 3 young children discovers he has brain cancer and insurance will not cover the incredible cost of medical care. The remaining medical debt would impoverish the family for the rest of their lives. Out of panic, a Single Mother of a son hooked on opiates desperately empties her 401K, drains her savings, and takes a 2nd mortgage on the home attempting to help her child. The son accepts treatment and eventual recovers, but the Mother is left financially destitute.
Faithful wife discovers her husband is having an affair and has maxed out the credit cards for which she is jointly liable wooing his girlfriend. Husband leaves and stops paying the bills. The spouse is left destitute due to ZERO fault of her on.
These are just a few, and these are real stories, so do not feel you are alone.

What is something that clients most often tell you after a meeting with you?

I wish I would have done this 2 years ago before I blew through my 401K.
Another one would be, how do I afford Bankruptcy when I am Bankrupt! That’s a great question. Give me a call let’s talk about it.

There are many questions that folks have about Bankruptcy. How can a bankruptcy help a person or family?

Bankruptcy can help relieve financial burden when you’ve tried your best and you just can’t pay the debts. Let’s say you are a 3 months behind on your car payments and the creditor is about to repossess…Bankruptcy can help provide a 3-5 year window to catch up the car payment, while at the same time providing a fresh start by eliminating out of control credit card debts or medical bills.

Will you automatically lose your home and cars if you file bankruptcy?

I know the answer to this question is usual THE most important question people have. In most cases, a person or family is able to keep their home and cars if it makes financial since to do and its fair according to the law.

Can Bankruptcy help me save my house or help with my mortgage payments?

Bankruptcy can provide a chance to catch up on back mortgage payments over 3-5years. In some cases, it is possible to entirely eliminate a 2nd mortgage if the home is “underwater”, or essentially has no equity.

Does Bankruptcy ruin my credit forever? 

Bankruptcy is about consumer protection and healing, not eternal punishment. While a Bankruptcy filing remains on your credit report for generally 7-10 years, we find that in many case people are able to regain full credit worthiness much sooner than this.

Will I ever be able to buy a home or get credit again?

That’s an interesting question, especially in a town like Wilmington where the real estate market is so attractive. We have seen several cases where clients are able to get a mortgage immediately after completing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I’m sure that doesn’t happen in all cases, and depends on other factors, like continuing to pay your bills on time after you file. But in general, I have heard more positive stories about restoration and rebuilding than regret.

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