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Serving the Entire Wilmington Area

A Skilled Chapter 13 Lawyer in Wilmington

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy is sometimes known as the “wage earner’s plan.” This is because these cases allow people with consistent income to pay only a fraction of their debts over several years. When your livelihood is being threatened by the foreclosure of your home or too many debts, this reorganization plan can be a rescue operation. Chapter 13 can also be used to eliminate debt of those individuals who make too much money to qualify for chapter 7. A chapter 13 attorney such as James S. Price in Wilmington can help you eliminate debt and move beyond your financial difficulties. Our firm has experience dealing with foreclosure, unpaid taxes and the overwhelming load of child support arrearage.

The Benefits of Filing for Ch. 13

When you file a chapter, you can hope for some valuable benefits. These can include:
  • The protection of your home, automobiles and personal property
  • Halting of pending foreclosures and other lawsuits
  • Removal of 2nd mortgages, unsustainable debt and decreased car payments
  • The chance to repay only a fraction of your debts
  • The freedom to move toward financial security

When You Need Debt Elimination

When you are facing financial ruin because of circumstances beyond your control or financial mistakes that have led to insecurity, the help of a bankruptcy lawyer can be one of your most valuable assets. The services of James S. Price might be the resource you need to regain financial freedom. We understand that life is full of surprises, not all of them good. We serve the entire Wilmington area and Brunswick and Pender County, so give us a call to discuss your situation. Our number is 910-791-9422.

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